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Keyboard for Android

If in game You not you can introduce name of individual , then You needs download and establish a keyboard from Google entitled Gboard Download. Then launch app Gboard and buoyed by tips fulfill the necessary settings. After you finish setting up the keyboard, start the game again where You couldn't type the name and try again.
does not apply the entered name in the game
If you can not apply the entered name using the on-screen keyboard Gboard in the game, then try the following:

1) Enter the desired character name with Gboard (indicated by the number 1 in the picture).

2) From the words suggested in the upper part of the on-screen keyboard, select the most suitable for You (indicated by the number 2 in the picture).

3) Click on the button in the form of arrows-apply (indicated by the number 3 in the picture).

Attention! If after all done you have not broke a to apply name of individual, then do all again, ranging with 2 points. Do it as long as You do not get!